Some of my engravings on leather & wood


like the topic says, several of my engravings on leather and wood; .svg files seem to only print an outline, even if the original was filled in, don’t know why…



A couple of designs I tried on full grain leather- You should experiment or have an idea of how the laser will interact with your media. In this case I used real full grain leather which has a high oil content. These images show speed settings I experimented with to etch deeper and make darker. Note: If your artwork has too fine of a line it could look blurry and or thicken the line when the etch is set deeper. The red leather example shows a good type of artwork for a slow speed deep etch: thick lines, bold line art or character. On this example the laser was set at 1mm height for leather with a slowed movement speed in settings. In the light brown leather example it was set at 1mm height, leather with the default speed setting- That artwork was a lot finer only 30mm (approx.1.25 inches) tall and you can see areas of fine detail but the etch is very shallow and it still “haloed” a bit from burning the oils in the material.


I assume the design on the red leather was a jpg? I’m guessing the SVG files are always etched as outlines, correct? At least, it’s this way with any SVG file I import, whether or not it has any filled in areas.
BTW, nice work!


I think I did .png on a few. I had problems with trying to get grey scale to interpret on a jpeg but that was before the latest studio and toolhead updates. The speed club one is svg for sure the artwork was converted beforehand to be B&W and more stroke/line based instead of fills. Thanks!