Software for Beambox Pro

Easy Question… What does everyone use for software?

I have been using Adobe Illustrator (design) and Beam Studio (execution).

I have been reading up on Lightburn. Does anyone use this with their Bamboo Pro? If so, what version (there are different ones available according to the type of controller your machine uses)?

Harder Question, maybe… What type of controller does the Beambox Pro use (they mention different controllers and firmware such as DSP, GRBL, Smoothieware, and Marlin on Lightburn’s website)?

Lastly, if you are using something other than Beam Studio, what is it, and do you like it better?


Inkscape (open source) primarily for design, but also FreeCAD (also open source, but which still does more to baffle me than help) is capable of exporting SVG cutting lines. I also use to design boxes and enclosures for things, and shop Etsy, Thingiverse and Instructables for designs that can be modified.

Beam Studio works fine for what I do, I don’t want to get down into the weeds of controller commands!

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Lee hit all of the high points on that one. Typically an image will find its way into Inkscape for a bitmap trace and then some clean up. I have thought about the Adobe suite, but I am just doing this for fun so the price seems a little high (with Inkscape working fine). is a great starter for getting, well boxes, started out with the right spacing.

Curious if everyone with Beambox pro uses .07 as the spacing for fit for box joints in

Thank you for your kind words!

I have tested a bunch of parameters on and settled on .05 in the play parameter in the tabs section. I have also reached the level of paranoia that I run every new piece of material through the test cutting and engraving test suites. Exceptions are the Rowmark colored plywoods, and those from Ocooh, which seem to be pretty stable across orders.

Good call on doing the test for each new piece of material. I typically use the same 3mm ply from Woodcraft, but I can see how that there would be variation even in the same product. Especially these days with the manufacturing issues that are going around.

I use vectrics VCarve pro to do my designing and just convert to svg and execute using beam studio.
The combination works well