Soft Filament: Extruder tension adjustment?


I recently tried a new filament: Sain Smart Pro-3 series Green Silk PLA. It has really nice color and shine to it, however it keeps breaking at the extruder. When I extract the broken filament, I find that it has been completely crushed by the extruder gear, flattened out, and so jammed at the feeder tube.
This filament is, apparently, very soft and rather brittle. I’ve tried printing at 180, 190, 195, and 200, and the temperature doesn’t seem to have any effect.
I’ve installed the Delta+ upgraded extruder, so the spring is stronger than the old one, and the teeth of the extruder gear more aggressive.
Has anyone encountered this problem, and what is the answer? Is there a way to adjust the tension on the extruder? I don’t really want to uninstall the Delta+ extruder and go back to the original Delta.