Small dots on printed model


After my FLUX done printing, I found that there are several dots on the model like the image below :

Can anyone tell me what cause this? Is it because the material got damp, or the printing temperature is not hot enough?


Your print has zits, see the guide below. Are you using the fascia slicer? If so it could be the quaility of the filiament, though the rest of the print looks fine, so it could be your temps are a bit high.


Thanks for the replay Debre.
I am using Cura2 engine, and the printing temp first layer is 230°C, the rest are 200°C.


are there prints next to it? it could be caused by plastic hanging off when the print head goes from one piece to another due to stringing. good luck!


Hi aw1,
This is a single piece, could it be due to print head retraction distance or other cause?


Sorry for the late reply :frowning: got too caught up in desigining my PC case, try lowering your speed and temprature, does this happen on all prints?

Make sure all the parts are lubricated nicely.


Again, I’m really sorry for the late reply :frowning:


It could be due to the retraction distance, you can change it in the text settings


Um, how can I change retraction distance with FLUX studio?


From the main screen click on “advanced” and then go to the very last tab. All of the settings are written out in machine_label = value format.

Find the one for retraction distance and type a new value.

There are a number of setting on the flux you can only set in that tab since they aren’t quite as “error proof” as the rest. You will also find buttons to reset everything to default…just in case.


Just like how dawnhawk said


I think the advanced settings s are called text now… Not sure


That’s possible. I haven’t updated yet since people were reporting so many issues. Lol I’m still unpacking the new house and printing organizational things on demand so no time to test


Thanks guys for the suggestion, is there any suggested parameter on “retraction distance” and print speed?


You’ll have to experiment that for yourself… good luck


always better to take the print speed slower, i normally dial it down on everything and i make the travelling speed quite a bit lower, see if that helps :slight_smile: good luck!


try using an external slicer btw, see if that helps