Simplify3D fff profile


I can’t print from S3D because Flux has its own communication protocol. I have to use Flux studio imports a S3D stl file and print


Thank you, Goldensnake for your answer! If Flux not supported by S3D, then why we see «Your FLUX Delta is supported!» in screenshot into your post? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Maybe are we don’t know how to make it work? :roll_eyes:


Because in s3d there is a preset for the flux. You dont have to set all the parameters like buildvolume etc by yourself. As goldensnake wrote, flux uses another communication protocoll. Flux studio converts the standard gcode from any slicer into fcode. The machine itself only “understands” fcode


S3D has the Flux3D printer profile like printer dimensions, etc., so user can import a stl file and generate printing file.


Thank you, Drmaettu for explaining!