Simplify3D fff profile


Ah, this is new for me, I’ve been using the last one with great results. Will give this new one a try, thanks Luan!


Based on S3D quality printing guide, retraction and movement speeds are the two factors that help on reduce stringing or oozing. It makes more sense to me that increasing xy movement and reducing retraction speed that help on the printing of Eiffel Tower. Here is my result on random retraction test. Paying attention on a retraction point, there is very little oozing that keep a needle shape straight up and minimize stringing.



I gave it a real-world test today with a build plate full of parts, not just a test file.

This is absolutely an amazing profile. Not a single string or even hair on any of the pieces. Just a couple on the skirt at the very beginning LOL! Incredible. Well done!


Your print looking good. Since S3D is already optimizing under a hood, getting a right parameter setting that works along with S3D optimizer is process of learning, trial and error, and of course Flux community efforts. Happy printing.


With a new USB connection cable on an upgrade kit, can it connected to S3D’s machine control panel? I’m eagerly on testing it if that feature is available; better yet, now I’m able to work and communicate with S3D to support on a Flux printer.
I know that the FS currently use serial communication with a printer via USB, the printer firmware 1.6.25 can be connected with S3D? And what’s baud rate setting? Thanks.


Installed S3D last night and Flux Delta was an option during setup. Looking forward to trying with the cable and printing directly to the printer.


I didn’t know that until I went to their web site and checked. About a year ago, S3D didn’t support Flux Delta, now it does support it. Cool :sunglasses:!!!. What’s is a default fff profile?


Despite of some minor glitches on FS and firmware; I have my latest test on my current S3D fff profile. My Flux Delta is still performing well. Happy printing!!!


You must be getting ready to open a museum exposition :laughing: , nice prints!


Nice work Luan, a little bit of clean up and into the Trophy Room!

Please show off on the FB Page too, we need more bragging pics on there :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

yesterday I installed this S3D profile, exported the gode for my testprint, imported the gcode in Flux Studio and started the print. After heating up, the printhead moved down to the plate VERY slowly and a toolhead tilt error message appeared. But there was no problem with the head or rods. This happened for all 3 attempts. What could be the problem?



Have you tried another version of flux studio ?


No, I’m using 0.8.3 and haven’t tried another version. Could this be the reason?


I had some wierd movement behavior… I think it is related to either flux going to sleep or the pc with flux studio running.

Restarting both seems to fix the issue.


Thanks, I will try that.


I hadn’t this same issue I had to turn off the tilt head option in the machine settings in FS. Also make sure calibration before prints is turned on in the machine otherwise the delta won’t calibrate before the print. I also removed the G28 script in S3D this allows the delta to start prints without haveing to return to the home position before prints.


Check the z-axis movement speed in that profile. There was one with it set at 1000 mm/s. It will move very slowly at that setting. You can change that to 1800 mm/s.


@Debre @BoozeKashi

I will try that, thank you.


Simplify3D has been released a major update from 3.1.1 to 4.0.0.


Hi Goldensnake! Did you print on Delta printer direct from Simplify3D? If «yes», then via USB?