Simplify 3D inconsistencies


Well I have been wondering why sometimes it works better and sometimes not and it seems I am not the only one

Very interesting


and he is right I have the same issue

did the same test in cura 2.5 and there is no difference in the gcode :astonished:
I did try as he did test and older version of Cura

So why did we all pay for Simplify 3D?
Besides being slow in updates it generates buggy gcode :sob:


I found couples of bug on S3D on support structures, bridging and one more, which I don’t remember. I submitted the bugs and S3D recognized them and passed along to developer. They also suggest a work around solution for it. However, there is a buggy software that is considered minor and I don’t see imperfections on a print itself otherwise. Here is my latest print a lamp cover without support


the bug is related to models with a lot of poligons which might not be the case with that lamp by the looks of it.
Models with simple triangle structures are fine. I only did check with aria the dragon as it has a high poly count.
The issue only came up as some people noticed that a model that printed fine once did not print fine the next time they printed it (or less well).
I still think it is suprising that 2 of the most known free slicers don’t have the issue.


How’s about the previous printing of mine. I will try the dragon print to see how actual print like.


Yes I will too as I am curious and I might try to match the settings a close as possibe and try it in cura.