Simplify 3d and FLUX Delta +

Hi All,

I recently received a Flux Delta+.
Have anyone successfully used it with Simplify 3D?

I attempted to use the Flux Delta profile avaiable in Simplify 3D,
but after calibration the machine insists that there is a tilt head error.
Is there a setting I need to change?

/Jens Axel

This is the most comprehensive thread on the topic.

Search actually works quite nicely on this forum. It’s clunky on a lot of boards, but this one is pretty good at returning results.

Happy printing!

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the reply.

I read the thread before posting. As far as I can tell, the thread is about the Flux Delta.
I assume the profile that comes with Simplify 3D is a result of that thread?

A few people in that thread also had the tilt head problem, but I did not have any succes with the setting: detect_head_tilt = 0

Are there other settings that I need to change?

Can I assume that a profile for a Flux Delta can be used without changes on a Delta + ?

/Jens Axel

i just put simpify 3d increased the retraction to 8.5 mm and it was printing awesome, s3d already had the profile built in but i wanted to make my own, anyway, both of them work awesome, a little bit of tweaking with speeds and first layer height and you will get amazing prints! Thanks!

also try vase mode with vase models on thingiverse, they print insanely good

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Simpify3d 4.0 released

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Hi Jim and others,

I upgraded to version 4.0 and used the profile Jim linked to.
Works like charm!

I haven’t checked whether the Flux profile that comes with 4.0 works or not.

Jens Axel

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Currently using S3D (4.0) with FLUX Delta+. Some minor issues but no big show stoppers.

I have not found a way to direct print from S3D to FLUX via USB or wireless, I don’t believe it is possible yet.

Write out as SD card data (gcode) and import into FLUX Studio to print.

I used S3D to perform customized print support printing is fantastic.
The simulation of printing is great for checking if any likely to fail to print
however would need some experience of printing stuff to know.

S3D has a default FLUX DELTA FFF seems to work fine most of the time (90-95%)

S3D has so much features more to learn about them.
If you ask is it worth the USD$150? YES~!