Shipped on today, 3D printing toolhead bottom melted! (photo update)


Has just been shipped 3D printer was melted

Connect the power and the smoke was beginning from the toolhead bottom during the tutorial . (insert filament)

I did not even once printed . (really!!!)

Connect the power heat rises automatically?

After the menu to insert a module filament and toolhead bottom melted .

It has confirmed that this is a similar case with me through the searching the forum

But I have not used. turn on the 3d print, and then toolhead melted…
I am really disappointed.

I would not have purchased never have that situation.





tagging @Simon plz help me


have you submitted a ticket to them?


what ticket? I don’t know what you mean.

#9 you can sign in here to their site and submit a ticket regarding problems with your printer :slight_smile: their support team will then look into it and help you.


Yeah! I already submit a problem. (3 times) but they don’t any reply…


@Simon mentioned in another thread that the support team was understaffed. they will answer you as fast as they can and help you with your problem :slight_smile:


thanks. i just turn on the printer. and toolhead bottom melted… (during tutorial: insert filament)


have seen similar cases around on the forum with people have the plastic around the nozzle melted or warped. some because the nozzle wasn’t properly on so the filament oozed out and overheated. but yeah the flux team can help better than I.


Yes. but i didn’t use print. So there is no reason to clog the nozzle.

I waited almost 1 year. (order 2015 august.)…but :rage:


ordered back in nov 2014 so i know how the wait feels like. the product is amazing when it works and a pain in the ass when it doesn’t (haven’t experienced the latter yet though). no you didn’t print but you had asked it to heat up right? if something had been loose or something like that, it could have caused the bottom to warp.


simple. I just turn on the print. little smoke in the toolhead nozzle. and melted.
that’s all. (program was stopped. after insert filament).


i wish i could help, but you will have to wait until the flux team can get back to you and possibly send you a new printer module. try reading around in the different topics in the meantime, multiple people in here have had something similar to you happen and explains how to perhaps even fix it or diagnose what the problem is.