Setup and Pump Levels

My beambox is working well but I am about to do a few long jobs for the first time and want to make sure I do not cause damage.
I have read various accounts on the Flux Forum and on the various Facebook groups about running the pump as part of the setup but I did not find anything about this in my instructions from flux.
I have a few questions:

  1. Can someone please clarify where the instructions are for doing this?
    For example, on this forum, Beambox water cooling - #7 by Merge, Merge writes: "You may note that the latest guidance on unboxing the BB (much, much improved over what was available to us) now recommends using the maintenance pump/refill reservoir cycle until the water level no longer decreases before operating the machine.”

  2. When it comes to checking water levels, it seems like the only options that I see are to use the touchscreen or take off the cap on the water fill and shine a light or put a stick down there. Am I missing something? Is there another way to determine this? Is it in the documentation somwhere that I am missing?

Thanks for any pointers to informations!


Hi Sasha, take a look at section 7.5 at about pg 57 at FLUX BEAMBOX USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

Manuals are a moving target and have not been static for a while. My original manual (years ago) simply said fill the tank (encouraged distilled water) and to keep the tank full. A later manual informed that the maintenance panel has a water pump function and it appeared one could manually run the pump to remove the air (collects in the top of the water tank) in the system as the water circulated so that you didn’t fill it, run it, and find out it was only 2/3rds full (and therefore overheat). Given the caution about air in the system I’ve always checked my tank at every use and seldom do I find it one or two teaspoons down even after several hours of use. That said, I still check it each time I use it and at about every two hours while in use.

You are right… only way to know its status Is to remove the fill cap and observe the water level. Since I never let it go down I can always see the level with regular room light. Of course, that requires getting it completely full in the first place. But since I’m using the water pump and not the laser I don’t have overheating issues while I’m topping off the tank.

Really wish there was an observation port… or a gauge. Silly to not h have it given the importance of the water level. To ease the pain I attached a small but strong magnet to the tip of my screwdriver and glued a steel washer with a large center hole over the fill cap. When I unscrew the fill cap through the washer hole the fill cap and washer comes out with the screw driver. I use a water bottle with a side spout fed from the bottom so a small squeeze forces water up the spout and into the fill tube. Benefit… if I over fill I just release pressure on the side of the bottle and it sucks up the extra water. A quick wipe with a towel after replacing the cap and I’m ready to roll.

NOTE: current manual instructions require you to drain and refill the water tank every 3 months. My water, even though it does go down very slowly, appears to stay clean/pure. If you do drain/refill… be sure to chase all the water bubbles out and have a full water tank before you start heating up the laser to high levels.

Hope this helps and remember… I’ma newbie and have no special background other than hard earned experience and some reading to inform how I approach the Beambox Pro.

Hi Sasha,
I have had my Beambox Pro for 10 months now and it has produced many things. I use it nearly every weekend making things.
As I live in Sydney Australia , the weather can get quite warm and I noticed that on some long runs on hot days I would get an overheat message and then would have to wait for everything to cool down before continuing, this was very frustrating…
I read on many forums that the cooler you can keep the laser the longer the life.
So I bought a CW5200 Industrial Chiller , so now the laser will stay constant on 19 degrees, the cuts are better and I dont have to worry about it overheating.
By the way , the Beambox Pro is the best investment I have made


Hi Merge and Terry, thanks so much for the responses.

Merge, your clarification was really great and I purged the system of bubbles. Is there any chance you might share a picture of your water bottle? I managed to make a couple of splashes while filling up the tank and realized I needed a better system.

Terry - thanks for the note about the cooler. I’m in New Zealand and it doesn’t get very hot but I will keep it in mind for the future!


Terry, can you give a detailed “installation” and “connection” description together with hose sizes, how long your hoses are, etc? I’m assuming you would connect into the water connection at the left side of the laser tube (so the refrigerated water is connected immediately before water enters the tube… but I see various options… would rather not experiment but do it right.

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