Selling My Delta +

I recently acquired a Delta Plus from my father, he hadn’t used it in quite some time. I knew there had definitely been some issues with this printer model and I am in no way someone who finds themselves very good at troubleshooting printers, but I thought I could still give this thing a shot. Well over the course of a week, I finally feel like throwing in the towel. I simply couldn’t get the printer to connect to my PC nor my MacBook, I searched through multiple forums, hoping to find some answers to my issue. Found a few people who were dealing with the same issue, but it seemed to be a hit or miss situation.

I tried to install new drivers and a firmware update, it will then flash blue and white, I don’t entirely understand what I’m doing wrong and don’t really have the time to continue to figure this out. If someone is willing to take this off my hands for parts or if they feel like figuring it out themselves, I would be happy to let this printer go for $100 plus shipping. The hardware is in working condition, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the setup process. I will include all the parts, a magnetic mat, a micro-usb cable (even though I heard they need a FLUX usb-cable but they don’t seem to sell it anymore), and a new spool of FLUX filament.