Self-made vinyl cutter


@ibisonline Great idea! and nice design. All of my hardware (non 3D printed) parts arrived today. Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to putting this together (thanks for the video) and then giving it a little test.
I don’t really need this. My wife has three ‘cutters’ (2 cricuts and 1 bosskut). I just liked the idea and wanted to make one for myself. Who knows, if the job is small enough, I’ll use this. It should be fun.
(I’ll know tomorrow if I got the correct cutter and need to use the re-design you did for FlagshipFigher).


I order a vinyl cutter too,and I design a printing Part to fit it .It’s work.


Nice work @1112 I’m happy to see that you get inspired by my design. Do you have a link to your cutting tool? It looks like a different one.

I updated the link on myminifactory to the right vinyl cutter for my design and added a link to the flux forum.
I also used my Dremel tool to cut my cutting mat into a circle. Now it looks more like the original cutting mat from flux :wink:

Happy vinyl cutting!


Very thanks for your idea @ibisonline
The Cutting tool I bought can fit your design and also work well,But I cant find the suitable magnet
So I design new one to fit my tool and magnet
I put this on the thingiverse

The Cutting tool I bought

I also DIY my cutting mat ,magnet pad bonding with PVC pad cut to fit Flux steel plate,
and use removable stick glue to stick cutted paper

I am happy that I also have a vinyl cutter tool head


Thanks everyone for all the tips. I am going to give this a try. Just ordered the vinyl cutter from banggood. Starting out with stickers for my daughter’s laptop.


I ordered everything from banggood, they had the right size magnets, the cutting sheet, and magnetic backing to glue it to also. I ended up using Daniel’s second model to fit the cutter that I received. Everything is assembled now, just need to buy some sheet and get started.


I finally found a little time to play with my cutter. I might have glued the magnets a bit too deep into the attachment because the first time I tried to use this, the head get pulled off the rods. I had to slow it down a lot (5 mm/sec) and had to change the height offset to about 0.25 mm so it would just cut the vinyl I had and not go through the vinyl backing. Still showed signs of torque on the head but since I slowed it down, it was able to stay together. Fun to do this, If I do use it, I’ll have to redo the magnets so they are flush and have direct contact with the screws on the head, and/or re-do the 3d printed parts to provide more support. Great job regardless of my experience. Your millage may vary based on the vinyl used and how far out the blade is set, etc.
I also had some issues with FS (0.8.3) importing SVG files and then having it cut them. I used a simple square and when I used the ‘duplicate’ feature in FS, it made a copy, but didn’t cut it. So, FS still needs some improvements.
I hope that the Flux development team can get the 3d printing to a point where they can re-focus and get some of the other features improved (like the cutting, scanning, engraving). for those that ordered your parts, have fun with this. It’s great to see the creativity and ideas folks have in doing their own ‘add-ons’ to the Flux.


I just got my magnets from banngood. I think they messed up some of the postal office equipment and took forever to get here. Perfect timing as it is finally cooling down up here in Canada so indoor hobbies are on the table now.


FYI, the cutting tool is on sale for $29.


Got the Flux cutting tool and I am very pleased. I found the printed one was hard to dial in so that it cut at the proper depth. The Flux version was about two cuts to get the proper depth. Happy I spent the $29.