Self-made vinyl cutter


My name is Daniel and I am a student from Switzerland. I can’t wait for the vinyl cutting tool so I created my own one. You can see pictures from my cutter an download the STL files from myminifactory.

The vinyl cutter works well and I’m now trying different speed settings an different types of blades to get even better results. One thing that I noticed is that Flux Studio has a lot of problems with the SVG files. With a lot of files Flux Studio displays a “was broken” warning. I found this topic: Inkscape-Workflow for SVG-Graphics but it is not working with all SVG files. Have someone more tips to fix this warning?

Hope you like my project and I like to see other people using my vinyl cutter.
Have fun!

#111 Toolhead incorrect

nice work there Daniel


I think I’m going to have to try this. I’m completely new to vinyl cutting. What surface do you do the cutting on? I imagine you wouldn’t want to do it on the steel plate.


Don’t have my flux Delta+ yet so take this with a grain of salt, but I do have a vinyl cutter (well more like a anything that’s reasonably flat cutter… It’s a cricut).

The blade likely won’t be particularly long and vinyl comes with two layers, the vinyl which is sticky and the backing which is not. As long as your depth is set right you should only be cutting the vinyl and not the backing - so the plate shouldn’t get touched unless your depth is off.

The biggest trick is the vinyl itself. If you get Oracle or printable vinyl which generally sells in flat sheets, great. But most “fancy” vinyl (glitter, “holographic” air quotes because it’s more irridescent than holographic, chalkboard, whiteboard etc) it often comes in rolls. Which means then when you cut the piece you want to cut from it still curls.

Having some kind of sturdy tacky cutting mat you can attach this type of vinyl (with it’s backing still on) to in order to keep it from curling or shifting while the blade does it’s work would likely be a good idea (and adds a third level between the blade and plate). And you can attach the mat down to prevent shifting with out interfering with the vinyl you want to cut this way.

I was thinking I’d likely sacrifice one of my older cricut mats which is past is prime or suffered from a depth misadjustment (oops…) and cut it down to suit once the flux got here - to try out the cutter and see how it tackles different vinyl types/thicknesses.

The cricut will likely remain my primary cutter though.

Being able to cut 1ftx2ft designs at a shot, multiple layers in different colors at the same time for layered designs, being able to draw and cut at the same time and the design software isn’t something I would expect the flux to compete with.

But I like the idea of having a back up with the flux for easier / smaller designs. :slight_smile:


I use the following cutting mat and cut it to the same size as the steel plate.

At the moment I use some tape to fix it to the steel plate. But I plan to buy some self adhesive magnetic foil to add to the back of the cutting mat.

To fix the vinyl to the cutting mat I also use tape


Wow, nice work Daniel.

There are cutting mats and adhesive magnetic sheets on Banggood as well, can get the whole setup right there for less than $20.


Today I added the magnetic sheet to my cutting mat and it worked really well. I just forgot to order these parts from banggood. So I ordered them in Switzerland to get faster shipping. But I think you can use every cutting mat you want.

I tried to cut an Arduino logo but get some problems with the “N”. As you can see the “N” ist to short. In Flux Studio everything looks ok. And also in the SVG file the “N” has the normal size. I get the same problem when using the laser engraver. So I think it is a problem with the toolpath calculation in Flux Studio.

vinyl cutting

laser engraver

Flux Studio


So, I managed to get everything together to build this, but it’s not working for me. It ended up cutting WAY too deep despite using the calibration steps. Also, the magnetic bottom piece just flew off and stuck to the metal plate :frowning:


Sounds bad… How do you calibrate your cutting tool?

I run the horizontal adjustment with the tool holder installed, but without a blade. Then I insert a blade and run the height adjustment. Finally, I set the height offset. Start with a bigger offset, like 5mm. And reduce the number until you get a nice cut. For me, the height offset is about 1mm.


I guess I need to play with the offset setting more. Thanks for the tips!


:frowning: still waiting on parts to get here :disappointed: and still waiting for FLUX to add some option other than DHL so I can order theirs


I’ve made a video that shows the assembling and the calibration process.

Is there anybody with an original Vinyl Cutter from Flux? I’m very interested to see some Stickers and the quality of the original toolhead. I’m not sure if my imperfect results are from the toolhead or just a software problem.


Really appreciate you going through the effort to produce and share this! :slight_smile: The cutting mat and magnetic sheet just came today, I’ve cut them into size and assembled then both using double-sided tape. I’ve also managed to print the parts in one go without any issues! (although I always seem to have to open the bottom chassis of the toolhead to clean the gunk that always builds up around the metal iron chamber but that’s besides the point! xD)

Just waiting for whenever the blade cutter and magnets arrive (which could be a while). Buying stuff from the flux store atm is just too expensive for my budget unless it’s absolutely essential. If/once they add options to ship without DHL or if I need a emergency spare part i might get it but for now this is a really great DIY project to mess around with. Looking forward to testing this out once everything else comes! Thanks again for this all together! :wink:


I ended up buying the cutter below, so I’ve been working on making some parts that can be printed to make this cutter work. I’m hoping to have some files on Thingiverse by this weekend.


Team FLUX, I hope you guys are watching this thread.

We are DIYers and you encourage that, but several of us want to buy the official vinyl cutter toolhead too, but not if DHL is the only option.


Received my vinyl cutter today from banggood, sadly it seems to be a different dimension and shape from the OP’s one :frowning: not sure how I’m going to redesign the magnet base for this if as it has nothing to grip onto… (the OP’s one has a curve that helps grip into it) I’m going to try and come up with a solution hopefully soon…


@FlagshipFighter I checked the link on myminifactory and it is exactly the one I ordered. I never realized that it looks different from the photos. So I think they send me the wrong one. Mine looks more like this one:

To solve your problem, my idea is to make the “tube” on the top side of the magnetic base longer. So your cutting tool grips on the ring at the top.

If you tell me the diameter of your cutting tool and how long it is from this ring to the end, I can send you an updated STL file and you can try it out.


Thanks for helping out @ibisonline! :slight_smile:

I just did some dimensions of my vinyl cutter (using really crappy calipers). Hopefully it helps!

I haven’t received my magnets yet, but I was thinking of using the one’s supplied with the upgrade kit (for the laser poles) as I don’t plan on installing them. But they are 2x taller than they need to be for this design xD perhaps I should wait for the banggood ones…


No problem @FlagshipFighter

I changed all three parts to your dimensions. You can download the files from my Google Drive:

I hope the parts fit your tool. When some adjustments are needed, feel free to send me a message. If you have Autodesk Inventor I can also upload the design files so you can modify them by yourself?


Excellent work @ibisonline! :slight_smile: Going to print them out now right now and I’ll be sure to tell you how it goes!

Sadly I don’t have autodesk inventor (only solidworks atm)

Thanks again! Love being a part of this community! :smile: