Scanning with the Microsoft Kinect



I know the flux is supposed to come with a scanner but I personally think it would be cool if they simply create an attachment for a xbox 360 kinect scanner. Or housing within the printer. The kinect produces high quality scans correct?


Whoa that is really cool. I have a Kinect and I can hook it up to my brother’s computer to scan things!


AFAIK the Kinect is more suitable for lager objects and it needs a certain distance from ~0.6m-6m to operate.
There are lenses that reduce the distance.

Although the Kinect works very well in scanning larger objects ( ), think that it wouldn’t be an ideal sensor to scan smaller objects.


How about an interface to a Structure Sensor?


Again a minimum distance of 0.4m required…
I guess something like that would result in much better scans (higher resolution and color support):


I was actually going to try this out. I know that an attachment is required for the kinect to work for the PC. Mine is coming on Monday and I will be trying that feature out EXTREMELY.

Have you been using it with great success and how long is the process of scanning an image to converting to stl format?


One of the other guys from The MakerHive has dome some Skanect/Kinect scanning. I think it’s one of the most viable options that’s out there, unless you need dimensions and are doing engineering work that requires precision. I’ve been debating whether or not to add a Structure sensor to my arsenal, and in that quest I’ve looked up the Kinect options a few times.

Interestingly, the XBox (game) version of the Kinect is limited in what it can scan. I think it’s an artificial limitation, but I believe that you can only do black and white scans and you can’t use the game version for commercial work - they want you to buy the microsoft one for PCs.

Let us know how your adventure goes, I’m curious to hear about how it works for you!


Don’t know if you’re familiar with Massdrop, but I saw this there yesterday and thought you may be interested. Sounds really cool, but out of my price and technical ability range at the moment. It’s only available there for another day though!


What’s supposed to be at that link? I don’t land on a page that has anything about a scanner, kind of looks like a marketplace. Do you remember which brand of scanner they were selling?


Oh, sorry. I forgot, but I think you have to sign up before you can see the things for sale. It’s kind of a group buy website. They make deals with manufacturers to sell a certain amount of a product for a lower than usual price. The prices aren’t always better, but they do offer some pretty cool stuff. I’ve gotten several good purchases out of it. Also, the products are voted on to get chased down for purchase. Pretty neat actually.

Anywho, the product listed is an RPLIDAR 360 Laser Scanner Development Kit. You can see it here:
Apparently it goes for $390 plus shipping from the link, but Massdrop has it going for $370 with free shipping and possibly as low as $350 if they can get 6 people to go in for it. Either way, kinda neat tech.


I tried different software for my kinect and best results i got with demo version of Artec Studio.