Scanning quality comparison


I wanted to know more about the scanner and the quality that I could achieve with it, so I scanned the same object at each of the different quality levels and saved the STL’s.

I’m using the newest version of Flux Studio 0.2.9 and Firmware 1.0b14

I posted my results on Thingiverse for you to take a look at.

I’ve got a piece of white foamcore board behind the scanning area and a light that shines just above the scanning camera. I did read a TSB about not blasting the object being scanned with light, and having a bright backdrop for contrast, but the object has a matte finish, so I wasn’t too worried about dialing that in for this initial test.



Thanks for your effort. I think the scanning issue is lower on their list than getting the STUDIO print functions to be their best. I expect better scanning to be a software update in the future.


Interesting that the published spec of the scanner is 3.5" height objects, but my 3" object is getting cropped a little bit… I hope that future versions of the software and firmware can tease out the remaining scanner height.


After the first 20 minutes you should be able to take the object and lay it on its side and choose the next scan. That should be able to restore the top portion of the model.


I haven’t played with scanning multiple point clouds and aligning them yet. From the demo in the email update in December, it looks like aligning them is a manual process.

I’ll have to try that next, though. Great thought.

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