Rotary will not turn

Hello everyone !

I have a flux beambox co2 laser engraver and bought a rotary as well. Used it for a year or so and recently tried the rotary again and it would not spin. Last time I used it was 2 weeks ago and everything went smooth.
The laser head was engraving on the X axis but the rotary would not spin the tube. I ended up with a line where it engraved every X axis pass

Tested it a bit with a multi-meter, to the best of my knowledge, and everything seemed correct ( resistance, milliwats, continuity etc).
The motor apparently has the code: 17ha704y-15a2 but as for my initial troubleshooting should still work.

Should not be any problem with firmware or beam version because those are the same from the last time I used it.

Any suggestions, ideas or tips are welcome !

Thanks and have a good one