Restart of FS for multiple prints


Just wondering if anyone else has this issue. About 90% of the time after I print something and then try to print something new. I have to restart FS or else the Start button will not work properly.
Here are the steps

  1. Turn on printer, open FS ver.0.6.0, Import .stl and print.
  2. After print completes, I close the status window and then delete model from FS main screen.
  3. Import new .stl and click Start button on bottom right.
  4. Sometimes it just flashes and goes back to main screen. Other times it opens status window but the Start button in the middle is missing.
  5. I have to close FS and start over.


I’ve noticed this as well. I’m running the newest 0.6.0 version of Studio and have the current firmware.

I can also report that rebooting the printer itself doesn’t change the situation, just re-launching studio.


Same here; it’s been intermittent. What I have noticed is that the likelihood of FS not talking to the printer after a print completes seems to correlate to the length of the print and how long FS sits before I do anything with it – if it’s a longer print that I let run overnight and go to bed, in the morning it’s pretty much guaranteed that FS won’t talk to the printer.

The likelihood of this happening seems to be lower if I’ve loaded a saved task for the preceding print, rather than dropping an STL file on the program.


Yep, same here. It’s more annoying when I’ve been carefully setting up several small parts to print and then have to restart.
I tried the usual pressing the Flux button, changing modes in FS etc but the printer status in FS stays at anything other than “idle” and I cannot press START.


I’ve experienced the exact same thing!! I’ve started saving a studio file as a backup before trying to print. That way, you can atleast run the print that you’ve already set up.

FLUX Studio should save a local copy of the STL files and their locations so that you can actually save a full session and open an editable arrangement the next time.


thanks for reporting, I’ll investigate on this matter


I have the same problem, but there are times that printer dialog states that the printer is idle, I still cant print. The actual print button is not displayed in the print dialog box (Print arrow). Next time I print I’ll have to take a screen shot and post.


Well it happened to me again. Finished a print, went to start new one, I can see my printer in the list but nothing happens when I click on my printer. I can go into the Device page and access the camera OK but just can’t start a print. I restarted FS 0.6.0 (Win64) and it started the print OK.
I did a bug report text file when it was in that condition but can’t attach it here as it’s not a picture. I don’t want to paste the text here as it’s a mile long. So here’s a drop box link in case it’s useful.


This may or may not be related, but does anybody have the problem where you click start on a print, the printer’s dashboard screen pops up, but the “play” button to actually begin the print never appears?


YES… It happens ~30% of the time in my case. I’m running on a Mac.


It happens to me after every successful print, even if it’s the same print.


Yes, it’s happened in that way to me in that way as well. ( no play button )


It happens to me also, both on OSX 10.5.5 and Win10. To avoid issues like that I made a habit of restarting FS with every print.