Resin 3D printer


I’m backing the project of MORPHEUS delta. Affordable Resin 3D Printer.
Anyone have the experience on the kind of printer?


I’ve got a pair of resin printers, yep. I started with the LittleRP (a friend is a resin chemist who tested it before the campaign) and since, I’ve built my own resin printer out of OpenBuilds aluminum so that it could fit a large venue dual lamp projector. I’m working on the build docs and will publish it opensource soon.

I’ve also seen a lot of the SeeMeCNC DropLit units and prototypes up close because I’m buddies with the guys at the company. That’s also a great option.

Check out the Resin 3D Printers group on Facebook to find a community of like minded people. There’s also a good group at the NanoDLP forum and the BuildYourOwnSLA forum.

As far as this kickstarter goes, I’ll be curious to see what happens. I’m always cautious of campaigns that only have sketches and renderings of the finished product. Designing an RTM unit, gearing up production, ordering all of the parts that you don’t make, packaging, and shipping is a tall order for only 5 months’ time.

I like the shape of it. They definitely figured out a neat way to fit it all in. Not sure that I’d call it a Delta though :slight_smile:


Since you have some experiences on the printer, what’s pro and con between the resin and filament printer? Many thanks. I think the shape is delta :-). Don’t you think the cost of that printer is reasonable?


Resin is great for really small and really detailed things.

With resin, you’re not fighting heat and warping, so some crazy shapes are possible.
The other cool thing about DLP or LCD printing is that it takes the same amount of time to expose a layer whether you’ve got one part or twenty. Your print time is determined by the Z height of the object, no matter how many objects there are.

The cons are that it’s messy, and your limited to what size you can print.


I’m also backing of a resin printer on Kickstarter called Slash. I’m hoping it’ll ship before the end of the year.


I nearly backed the Morpheus but shipping cost and some other things made me cancel the pledge…

I am now looking into that one
sounds quite similar to the morpheus.
I am however not a fan ot the vat films that quite a few resin printers use…

The before mentioned slash sounds interesting too…

As much as I like the flux it can’t do the detail I want. No FDM printer can


I have backed the Slash. It’ll be my first hands-on experience with a resin printer. If things go well I hope to use both the FLUX and the Slash side-by-side where the FLUX with less expensive plastic could print the main structure of a model and the Slash could print the detailed surface parts. Then glue the two prints together.


Let us us know when you play with your resin printer :+1:.


I had one, they are amazing if you want detail, I’d buy one if I wanted detail, I’d have one. They are MESSY!!! And they smell which is why my wife pretty much told me to sell mine.


What’s brand of your printer? Thanks.


Resin 3D printing technology is used for the plastic 3D model. in this technology resin is used instead of filament, powder and other materials. recently my brother is using a 3D printer which is using resin technology for his project purpose. he is dealing with an issue with Epson Print Head Alignment. it is unable to produce a proper line gap for printing.


I have experience with this kind of printer. It is very good and works well. It is value for money in my opinion. It has large popularity so there are many facebook groups or even online forums from where you can get help from.