Removing from Magnetic Mat?

I’ve used the new magnetic mat from the upgrade kit with 2 prints already, and it holds the prints really well… almost too well. This is especially a problem when trying to remove the skirt (or the default skirt in the case of Cura).

Anyone have suggestions on removing things easily from the magnetic mat? I don’t want to use anything sharp that could damage it, and bending the mat only seems to help with larger things (not skirts).

I don’t have mine yet, so I’m not 100% sure…

I’ve had good luck using a soft plastic Bondo spreader from autozone as a scraper on my original Flux. Maybe something like that fits the bill on the new mat, as well?

I’m currently using buildtak and if I want to reduce the adhesion I have to lower the temperature and adjust the z-offset. I don’t know if this is valid also for the Flux magnetic mat…

I use the scraping tool to take off the print, but most of the time I really don’t need it. Perhaps you can loose z-distance a bit

@Milkdog dont worry, just flex or bend the mat until the print comes off, once it loosenes a bit you can pull it off, my printing mat melted as the toolhead rods used to fall off so parts of the mat are pressed in and marked :frowning: . anyway hope this helped!

You can bend that mat a LOT… the only thing you won’t really want to do is bend it so sharply that it creases… other than that… you can pretty much bend it in half, turn it 90 degrees, bend it again, and even the most stubborn print will detach, hopefully not in a projectile manner! :wink:

@Milkdog @pfeerick yaaaaaaaay i think a gave the simplest yet most obvious answer, which should have been the first reply !

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You should have been quicker then! :stuck_out_tongue:

yupp :slight_smile: hahaghahahhaa (filling the 20 character requirment)!

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Bending it works great for removing the main print. The problem I’m having is removing things like the skirts because they bend with the mat. The Cura crescent skirt is a bit easier to remove, so I turned off any additional skirt for it.

It is good to know that it’s pretty hard to damage the mat from bending it.