Reload Filament During Paused Print

Why can’t we load/unload filament during a pause? For color changes or extruder slipping on filament

This is a critical feature for when the extruder grind the filament in half due to bad pathing made in Flux studio (likes to overlap paths on same layer, wrecking the extruder).

A fix to save a 15 hour print would be to allow unloading/reloading of the filament.

I’m sorry, i’m actually quite angry/livid at this, being a software engineer with his time wasted.
How did this product release with a pause feature where you can’t load/unload filament?

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I have the same issue, it is rather annoying. After a Long print I was about to change the filament after a paused print and it needs me to about the whole print to change filament… Seem like this printer is a single color printer now… very very disappointed.