Reduced working area on Beambox PRO?

All of a sudden my Beambox PRO won’t use the full area: B and D minx/max stop at two thirds of the way and the A corner seems to miss a few mm as well. I tried to upgrade to the latest FW, then did a factory reset to 3.26 but that doesn’t help. What should I do?
See video of this behaviour here: Facebook

I had same problem a few years back and it was a software version glitch and was told to install the beta upgrade which resolved the problem. That was software, not firmware.

Thank you for your answer, but even using the menu on the machine to move the laser (regardless of beam studio) produces the same problem.

One more information: in beam studio the camera can capture all of the work area, but tapping on max on the laser menu gets only to 2/3 of the distance

UPDATE: A full reset solved the Max B and D problem. And I realised with the help of Flux support that the full work area is available, just shifted by 20mm down the y axis.