Reconnect to Flux

I have had to replace my main PC and need to set up a new connection with the new one.
However, I cannot configure the Flux 3D as the cable connector has broken away from the Flux motherboard, this was an issue about a year back and a different serial cable was supplied, but the replacement option supplied back does not work with the new PC because of issues with the fake Prolific hardware in the cable.

Assuming I can replace the Prolific drivers that Windows 10 comes with what version of drivers do I need.

Or, is there another way to get the new PC to recognise the Flux 3D?

This problem seems to have resolved itself now so no problem.

I am also facing the same issue with my PC. Its still unresolved. Anyone with the solution, please share it with us.
Google Customer Service

I’ve loaded the latest machine firmware also loaded the USB driver, Windows file manager shows the USB driver install ok. However, I upgraded Studio to 1.12.4 but now when I try to connect to the printer I get a USB error message.


I had to go back to the last stable version to reconnect my flux to me network. The latest version had issues with usb and wifi.

Thanks pmbroth. For some reason the firmware upload didn’t work first time so I did it again and all seems fine now.
I’ve managed to connect to my new ssid.


Excellent. I had to reset my printer, and use the older flux studio to connect.