Rear Motor makes a noise



I started to have an issue, which I came up with a band aid. Here is what is happening. When I first begin to print, while the machine is doing its calibration, the rear motor section makes a weird sound, like someone is putting a lot of torque on the motor, it is not high pitched more-like there is a jam which it is fighting. So while it is doing the calibration, the last part when it would go to the center to do the calibration, the head only travels halfway to the center, like it got stuck, it then tries to do the final calibration in the middle.

I’m very much into maintenance, so every, thirty hours, I clean the rods, magnet joints, and re-lubricate. In order to proceed to get a print, I found that if I do the movement test twice, there is no noise, all works fine.

Now note, the noise/movement issue I described above, only occurs the first time I’m going to use the machine in a print run, if I do consecutive print runs, I do not have any issues with the prints . The only thing I can think of, is I have my office on the second level of my home downstairs (basement) , which is about 60 degrees F, I was thinking maybe this is too cold and something needs to get a little warm. I wont know until the spring, if this is what really is going on, if the temp affects it or not.

What do you think?


very interesting indeed…if you could upload a sound/vid clip it may help. How do the belts look? especially on the rear? stepper motors shouldnt be affected by 60 degree weather so I highly doubt thats the issue. Do you always perform the movement test before every print or just the very first one if youre doing multiple? I have mine turned off as I know it performs it fine and will check it every ~50 print hours.


I only started the movement test to see if all was working. The movement test no issues and after I do the test for two time no issues. I only run the movement test for the first print all other prints are then fine. I willl take a video tomorrow, Got home late from work.


I tried it last night and it was fine, I will let a week go bye, and try it again. It seems that it occurs mostly when I do not use it for a while.


Well, I finally was able to determine the noise. I opened the base up, and found that the motor mount screws were loose. I tightened up the screws on all motors, and not more noise.