Random infill on hollow object

So this is the first time this has happened; my 3D model is shown below with a cylinder piece that is absolutely hollow. However, during the print, my Flux has decided to go ahead and fill it in with a 10% honeycomb fill. I can’t figure out why it’s doing this. Any ideas?

can you provide the STL and also show a pic of the preview? this is interesting =)

Have you checked your surface normal direction? I suspect this might make the software think that the outside of one of the surfaces is actually on the inside.

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I think, maybe those are support instead of infill

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Yup! Those rectangular looking ones definitely look to be supports rather than infill.

You guys are correct. Turns out it was support. However, I still don’t know why it happened. In the end, the final print for that one cylinder ended up being pretty strange. First, it didn’t reach the complete height, as if the object got cut in half during the slicing. Secondly, about half of the cylinder was never processed, so it was treated as support. Basically, the program had me printing a .5" high cylinder and then another .5" cylinder an inch above it. Once I pulled open my drawing and resaved as STL, it seems to be fixed.

Sounds like you might have had a corrupted STL file. I don’t think it was in this case, but supports can also be used to help prevent things from tipping over as well.