Proper procedure for changing the nozzle?


A little bit lost at how to go about doing it with a heated nozzle in the time frame that it stays warm (and safe). Anyone have a step by step for what they did / how they did it without any complications?


Just a FYI, there is a command under Machines -> [YourMachineName] named something like Set Temperature, that will let you pick a temperature (i.e. 200c) and have the print head heat up and stay that hot until you click finish. So no need to rush :wink:

I’ll leave it to someone else who knows what they’re doing to talk about the nozzle change… but I would advice gloves or a good spanner/socket to protect the digits… I’m sure you’re rather attached to them! :wink:


hi , there are quite a few post’s on here about changing the nozzle . your best bet is to type change nozzle in the search of this forum . from all the post’s and my own use i have found is to heat up the head and have the print head some what dis dissembled, then make sure you can hold the the heat sink block while unscrewing nozzle as if the nozzle is stuck with pla you do not twist the heat sink block around as it may twist the wires and or the pcb board . be careful as it it is very easy to mar the heat sink block and or unit . after that it should be easy to change . hope this helps .