Probably a really dumb idea, but

I just took a traipse through my local hardware store, knowing they were unlikely to carry PLA filaments, and that no one within an hours drive was/is likely to stock it. And I passed a rack of weed trimmer lines of varying shapes, widths, and colors. So I had to stop and look.

Obviously I’d need to figure out it’s composition and estimate it’s melting point, but the 0.065" line should be a pretty close fit for the 1.75mm filament the Delta uses.

But I’m wondering, has anyone else been brave enough, or desperate enough to attempt it?

I also wonder if the FLUX engineers are gritting their teeth at the prospect, or just laughing? Perhaps both?


I haven’t read this article in full, but it appears you are not the first to think of it -

I’m sure there are more articles out there. I just searched for “weed wacker 3d printing”.

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Okay, it seems it’s actually a viable filament after all. I’m still not sure if the Flux Delta would handle it, though.
The “frosted glass” look of Nylon does sound nice, though, as does the durability and flexibility, which conjures to mind hinged one-piece boxes, among other things.

Thanks for googling that for me. shameface

Yep, it’s Nylon, it’s cheap, and many have successfully printed with it. It takes a machine with some guts though. I print Nylon at 260C on a bed around 110C. I doubt that FLUX could do it without some modifications.