Printing looks like cloth fiber


I have not had an issue for a while except for the knocking that still occurs once in a while. The issue I had this weekend, was while printing several types of images. When printing, the first 2" (50mm) approximately are perfect, even the first layer. Then after that the build starts to get porus, and feels like material… I have tried several different rolls of filament, including Hatchbox the latest, and all are doing the samething. I tried printing stl’s that I printed months ago, that were fine, and now have this problem. I’m on the latest studio and firmware. Any ideas? I know I do not have a clue… I even reset the flux studio back default settings, such that I had to reconnect and do the initial setup. Thank you in advance…

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not sure without a picture… I had one filament that became porous when the temperature was to high.
With the high temperature it had a sand stone like texture.

How ever if you have like holes in it is probably is an extrusion problem… mine does something like that if I print hat too high speeds and I have a lot of knocking. It basically looks like under extrusion then.

Ooh and if your are using the upgrade kit on the hotend you can easily print 5 degrees lower.

Check to see that you don’t have any filament binding going on as the toolhead rises…like excessive bending in the feed tube. When you said that the porous build happened after the first two inches, the first thing I thought of was that something was starting to bind the filament motion to the point where you were starting to see underextrusion. I may be totally wrong, but it’s worth a check in my opinion. Good luck!

Thank you , I will look tonight if the filament is being restricted in any way. I will also look at the print speeds…

Pictures are help on identifying the problem :-).

Well I figured it out. I tried my other print head and it works great. The head is clogged with filament. So I’m cleaning it out. No more knocking either. with the other print head!

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Filament starvation. Like that little stringy bit I had stuck in the top of bowden tube last week.

That’s the kind of stuff that can drive you crazy.

I opened the head, and there was a small piece of hard filament, that was wedged… Never had that happen before, but now I know if I have cotton what to look for! :slight_smile:

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As a filter, I used to use a foam sponge, but it would sometimes attract the filament and get pulled in. This one seems to work great my clothing merch and on the filament it puts a very small amount of drag.

Back when I used 0.2mm nozzles a lot, by using one of these, I could get through a whole roll without clogging. The amount of grime it picks up is surprising even after a week of printing, particularly if you hold rolls around for as long as I do!

As a channel, I used to utilize a froth wipe, yet it would now and again draw in the fiber and get pulled in. This one appears to work extraordinary my apparel merchandise and on the fiber it puts a limited quantity of drag. A while ago when I utilized 0.2mm spouts a great deal, by utilizing one of these, I could overcome an entire move without obstructing. The measure of grime it gets is astonishing even following seven days of printing, especially in the event that you hold moves around however long I do!