Printing hair doesn't reach the model


I’ve tried a couple models with hair like and but I consistently get the hair bonding with the support and not the model itself. Are there any Expert settings that will increase the overlap of the hair with the main model?

This is how it is supposed to look:


does the hair not print at the model part?
anyway please send pictures of your model so we understand more on what’s going on, i printed a hairy lion and it came it perfect, Hope This Helps!


Damn, I already there away the failing prints. The print head starts each hair from the support, prints to within a fraction of a mm of the model, then returns to the support. The end result is the support has loops of fillamemt attached to it and the model is bald! Which slicer did you use?


Slicer issues. Cura has been all messed up in 0.8.4 so I hadn’t tried it on the hairy models. Turns out that it works, though it’s not as smooth as it usually is and all of the walls are extra thick. Cura 2 looked like a debacle in the preview, so I used Slic3r. Check this out:

Here is how the hair connects with Cura:


I use mostly slic3r and sometimes the other 2 if i need faster printing, Good to see your problem solved!