Printing abruptly stalls


Noticed that after switching from 1.6.70 to 1.6.75 that sometimes the print head just stops moving at a certain moment in the print. I think it’s when I am using Simpify3D and I use two build processes, but the printer just stops when it should proceed from the lower print process to the upper print process.

I’ve avoided 1.6.86 because of the complaints people have brought up in here so far… but has anyone else run into this?


Seeing this more lately. Nothing reflected in any of the logs that can be downloaded from the printer. The print head will just abruptly stop and the extruder will continue to feed ever so slightly in while it sits in place.

Latest print’s logs (I told it to stop from the software when I determined it had stalled, it took about 15 seconds from the software thinking it was aborted to the printer actually aborting):

[2018-04-14 17:24:42,INFO,fluxmonitor.player.base] Initialize (status=1)
[2018-04-14 17:24:42,INFO,fluxmonitor.interfaces.listener] Listen on '/tmp/.player'
[2018-04-14 17:24:42,INFO,fluxmonitor.player.base] Starting (status=4)
[2018-04-14 17:24:42,INFO,fluxmonitor.player.base] Started (status=16)
[2018-04-14 17:26:58,INFO,fluxmonitor.player.macro.correction] Correction completed: [-0.2373, -0.231, -0.231]
[2018-04-14 18:25:20,INFO,fluxmonitor.player.base] Abort (error=None, status=16 -> 128)
[2018-04-14 18:25:21,INFO,fluxmonitor.player.base] Abort rejected (status=128)
[2018-04-14 18:25:22,INFO,fluxmonitor.player.base] Abort rejected (status=128)
[2018-04-14 18:25:23,INFO,root] Shutdown: BYE

The stall just looks like this - print head just stops there: