Printer sounding like it is pressing to much plastic through nozzle help!?


So everything have been working perfectly until a couple of days ago when i changed filament roll. I use the same brand and color as i have for several months.

but this time when it loads the material (and when its printing), every 3 second the motor skips like it is trying to push more filament through than the nozzle can handle. meaning i get small dry layers which causes the print to fail and break apart when its done.

anyone tried something similar and how could i fix it? the only similar thing that has happened to me is when it is trying to print out the first layer but that never caused problems before.


You may have a clogged nozzle, check out


that will be my next test.

My amazing girlfriend noticed that the new spool seemed a bit thicker compared to original flux pla. So I measured it with a caliper and it is 2 mm instead of the 1.75 so i think that was the problem.

So for now they (amazon) are sending a new spool for free and hopefully that will be as good as the other spools i have had from them. But if the problem arises with a 1.75 spool then you might be right.


It is a very common problem in the printers, many users complaint about this sound problem in the printers. If you face the same issues, reinstall the printers and install it again correctly.
If the problem still exists, contact the manufacturer of the printers.

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you were right, a new nozzle fixed all issues so far.