Printer sent back but broken



I sent different tickets with all the problems but you mixed all of them in one that finisihed by sending the machine with the multiple hardware problems to you.
You closed more than 10 requests.

Finally we have the 3d printer back without ANY problem solved.

Please reopen all the Request and answer one by one. They have a lot of technical details.

In case that again you decide that there’s still a hardware problem,
Do you want us to give it back to you?
Is there any chance to be sure that this time will be solved?


Error 1:
"Done everything you want for WIFI connection.
Green light.

But even with 5 different computers, some days it is completely impossible to connect qith this 3d printer.

There is only 1 PC (Surface 4 Pro with Windows 10) that sometimes is able to print something.

Even then, there’re usually more than 20 times error of the cable connecting, that is not real, as we press continue without touching the machine and it continues working.

Hoe that yoy can send me a real response, and not sending me back again and again to your bad info web pages or forums."


Error 2:

Received the new circuit, changed it but:
"Changed the circuit but still the same problem.It happens les times, but still sometimes.It used to be more than 20 times in a piece, now it is only 5 to 10 times.
This printer is impossible to be used. "
"Sorry for the inconvenience. The problem is caused by a bad matching of the cable and the connector. Using cable holder will solve the problem. The instruction is below, please read it and check your cable type (A or B) :

Kindly let me know the cable spec (A or B) and provide the name, address and phone number of the recipient and we will send out the parts as soon as possible. Thank you!"

“Thanks but we dont need this parts (we think that the price and effort of sending them is not logical) and we’ve already printed a similar piece and made our own botton fix.
Now it looks like working, we will tell you about it.”
You closed it but it never worked, as we told you in a new request.

Error 5:
"Problems like constant (2 or 3 per minute) “Toolhead bad connection”, “Toolhead not connected” and “Printer cannot control toolhead temperature” errors arise when printing, even after installing the new USB type C cable and new circuit board you provided us, trying the rubberband and cableholder method (and also trying with various printed parts to try to prevent the connectors from wiggling), and activating the “smart task continuation”.

There were also other problems with the printer, such as the filament detector not working or the mini usb port on the base of the printer being broken an inaccesible, although fortunately they didn’t prevented us from printing thanks to some workarounds, butthat was before toolhead malfunctions arose and rendered the printer unusable."

Sorry for the inconvenience. The problem is caused by a bad matching of the cable and the connector. Replacing both will solve the problem.

Sent but still not working.

And 5 more errors, sending .log files, pictures, etc.

Finally we send you the printer but you didnt fix any of this problems.

Any solution?


New USB-net cable will arrive tomorrow ( but the instructions are too poor.

We have tried with several cables similars before but always the FLUXDeltaConnector.exe just remains 2 seconds in the windows tray and then gets off.

Any help with this driver setup?

Thanks in advance


Right then. That’s me out.

Reap what you sow.