Printer randomly stopped working :/


I cut some vinyl 2 months ago and my printer was working perfectly fine, now I connected it back to print some stuff and it doesn’t light up :frowning:. the printer is blank, i can’t see any signs of anything working.


forgot about everything I’ve done here xD hello everyone :slight_smile: !


so is it working now?


nope :frowning: . Either the DC socket broke off the board inside the printer or something got fried cuz of a power surge, I think it was working fine before I disconnected it and lubricated it, while i was moving the 3 thingies (the 3 block things the motor belts are on) to spread the lube, I saw the flux LED light up and go off while i was moving it. I guess it was the current generated by the motors moving and it burnt out something but I highly doubt that, I’ve contacted flux support, I’m waiting for their reply and hopefully I’ll get the permission to open it without voiding my warranty.


Have you heard back from them?


nope still waiting. It has been 6 days since I’ve sent the ticket.