Printer Not Responding (all lights are on, and can't communicate)


I just got my printer, did the basic mechanical setup, and plugged it in. The white light, red light, and green light are all on. They have been on the entire time, and do not change in intensity. I tried using the micro USB to connect to my Windows 8 PC, and nothing happens. I created the network flash drive, plugged it in, and nothing happened. I have restarted it countless times, and nothing (besides the lights all turning on) happens. There is no mechanical movement or sound coming from the printer. The printer is sitting 5 feet away from my wireless router, so range is not an issue. I even logged into my router and looked for any traffic on my network from the printer, there is no sign of it. The adapter is providing the 24V output it should be.

Is there something I’m missing, or is this just a defective unit?


I don’t think all lights being on at the same time is a good thing. The green wifi should be on, steady and not pulsating. But the other lights should either be pulsating white when not printing, steady white when printing, or orange/red steady (I think) during final heat up, and pulsating orange/red when there’s a problem. But not all lights on at the same time.


Recently I bought a printer initially it was working good but after few days it shows an error whenever I tried to print it shows an error Brother Printer Offline Windows 10, my printer did not work properly. so I want a proper solution how to remove this error.