Print toolhead tilt disrupts calibration


During a long/ large print, I have had the tilt error from the magnetic rods disconnecting. This is resolved by reconnecting them to the head and frame, however when I start printing again, it is both off-axis horizontally and vertically. There appears to be no option to perform any calibration checks of the machine during a print (FLUX please add this option to the software). I’ve seen another thread about vertical misalignment on here as if the machines skips some layers, but this horizental offset is particularly frustrating as there is not anything I can do, aside from physically reposition my print to match the head. Has anyone else suffered this misalignment issue and have any fix for it?

The tilt was a result of the 3d scanning heads popping up underneath the plate, which I duly taped back down, and let the metal plate lie flat again on the 3 rubber sensors.

I dread long prints (printhead will continue far above where it left of)