Print our circuit boards, dispense solder paste like pen holder or laser engraver

With the pen holder system is posible to use to dispense solder paste in a circuit borad panel!!

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Solder paste is typically quite thick. You won’t be abel to dispense it with a pen. You would need a module with a pressurized dispenser. Probably doable, but you will likely need to change the controller software as well.

The main idea it’s because this gy’s it great

But is more easy and cheaper use the flux like head modules for this type application!!

You’d just have to engineer a syringe/paste extruder. There are several of them on Thingiverse and elsewhere, so you could do that today.

The trick is the silver nano-particle stuff that Voltera is using. That’s not an off the shelf goop, and the way they sell it, it’s superior to other solder paints… If anybody’s a chemist and wants to engineer a similar material for the open community, that would be awesome!

Hi @quix,

You can also use this, much more easier solution


For fun or testing is great solution, but more pro style imagine with the pen head and this solution Flux is better option!!

I’ve been talking to someone at work about it and we’ve discussed trying to make something workable for the flux for this purpose. Given a chem lab worth of equipment and about $100 of starting material we’re going to try mix some and test the conductivity and see what kind of nozzle we need for it. Just need to find the right kind of binding agent. Meanwhile it’d be nice to have a HDK to find out what kind of space we’ll be working with for a flux module. I would like the ability to print circuit boards and if I can, I’ll use the flux to do it otherwise i’ll buy a voltera.