Print not sticking

Alright, I’m nearing the end of my wits here. I’ve got two Flux printers, one of each model (although both are using the newer print head), & I can’t get the print to not warp up off of the print surface after dozens of test prints.

I’ve tried printing on the metal surface (with glue stick), the Flux magnetic print plate, and I’ve even used glass (as recommended in an older thread, with glue sticks & even Aqua Net). I’ve tried various skirt sizes with no luck and rafts run into the same warming problem. Nothing sticks. I’m using the latest firmware, and the Flux branded PLA.

I have enough prints lined up that I could run the machines for the next couple months, so I’m hoping someone has a silver bullet.

No silver bullet (actually never had this issue with the Flux so far - yay) - but a couple of questions that may help others find you a bullet. No such thing as too many details!

Where are you? (As in what part of the world - are you dealing with a lot of humidity, cold, does winter vs summer make a difference) And in the same vein what environment is your printer in? (your home office, a garage that is heated/not heated, etc)

How have you stored your PLA? (Is it possible the spools absorbed moisture?)

What temp is your extruder at for first layer? What speed are you printing at? What is your first layer height at?

Do you have any pictures of the prints actually on the printer bed warping?