Print Head Circuit board diagram

I’m installing some LED “headlights” on my print head. Could we get a circuit diagram for the top PCB to make hacking new features onto it a bit easier?

At first I thought it was a simple circuit I could trace out, but then I recalled that this tool head runs 23v over a USB-C type connector.

Way over my head, but if you figure it out and can dumb it down a bit I’d love to know too.

Having some light on the head sure would make it easier on the eyes as well as making videos or checking on camera (if I ever get that app invite…)

Check the voltage on the hotend cooling fan (not the part cooling fan). That should be on the whole time that you’re printing, so as long as the silicon powering it is up to the job, you could probably add a little bit more load to that circuit. You could probably tap into its wiring without having to goof with the PCB, too.

Following up here, the cooling fan is 5v. That would work once I replace the 12v LEDs on the bottom of my print head, but I think I might just use a step-down converter from the hotend 23v supply.

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