Possible to find upgrade kits?


Hello all!

Unfortunately with a new baby and a move it has been a few years since I used my Flux Delta. After I set everything back up and started using it I was reminded of the poor performing extruder hardware. I had this problem from the very very beginning. A loud banging occasionally when the filament would slip in the extruder gears, at least I think that is what the noise is. I keep my machine clean, lubricated almost every day of use and the nozzle clear but with every filament this is a problem. In trying to solve this problem again I see there has been an upgrade to this part of the device. I totally understand I missed the opportunity to get this upgrade for free, and I am not looking for that. However I can’t find this upgrade available in the store and am not sure what to search for to perhaps find it via 3rd party. Does anyone know where I may be able to find an extruder upgrade kit for the Delta? This problem is part of the reason I had stopped using the printer originally before moving, and why it took me so long to get it set back up. I had mostly forgotten about it until a few days ago after setting everything back up, when attempting to print something I heard the loud CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK.

I really want to love this printer but it never really lived up to my low expectations (I just want to print some stuff)



I would like to know this also. I’ve had problems with this same issue since day 1. I signed up for the upgrade but never received it. I don’t expect to get this upgrade for free either, I just want to solve this annoying issue. Right now my printer is the most expensive paperweight I’ve ever bought.


I have the exact same issues. Ever get an answer?