PLA Sources: Makerbot and Where Else?

  1. I’ve got a bunch of spools of PLA that I bought from MakerBot. Can I use these with the Delta?
  2. Whether yes or no, where does one buy PLA for Delta?
    Thanks for any insight.
    Cheers, Scott


Yes, your makerbot spools should work so long as it is 1.75mm filament. You will likely need someway to hold the spools outside the machine though. Pretty much any standard 1.75 PLA filament will work, so it’s not horribly important where you get it from, but some sources are more reputable and consistent than others.
Check out this discussion for some more thoughts and info about this topic: Where do you buy filament?


If you’ve got spools for the MakerBot Replicator Mini, they should also fit into the spool area that the FLUX Delta spools fit in. I haven’t tried with my Replicator Mini spools, but just eyeballing the spool sizes they look the same.


Thanks much, AmnNate and Hyporea. Greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Scott