Photos to Vector file

Hi All
I am Kinda new here Please help me. I watched a YouTube video how to create vector from a photo using Beambox.
How ever when I try the user from You tube has other abilities than mine shows and he is using beam box studio. What am I doing wrong.
Can Beambox studio create a vector from a Photo??


Hi Ronny

You can switch to the latest beta release. It has a few new and useful features. Check under the help menu to see what version you have. Beta is i think on 18.3 or something now. Also you can play around with the bitmap editor functions that i think you saw in the video. You can also get RDworks (free) for editing in a similar way. Its not going to communicate with flux machines. But you can edit and save as an AI file on rdworks. If you dont have coreldraw or illustrator