PETG Filament - Can Flux print it?


I am using the lowest temperature and cost PETG I could find, which is marketed by MG Chemicals in Canada (where I am). I can print between 220C and 230C with the Red filament but I have to slow down the print speed to 35-40mm/s for perimeters and 25-30mm/s for flat surfaces, 1st layer at 230C and at 25mm/s. I get the occasional clunking from the extruder but the results are acceptable. The layers are sticking well at those temps, I attached the PETG datasheet for info and pictures of the print ( It is printed hollow with 3 shells, .2mm layers, in about 2 hours, it is 10cm tall.


That, sir, is an absolutely gorgeous print. Very well done!


Thanks, it took me a few tries to get the right recipe!


Looks awesome. I’m collecting everyone recipes and putting it into one word doc…


Good idea, but also include the Filament info!


Yes, I will include everything.



Another example of hollow animal models, printed in PETG


Very clean print, what temperature and speed do set for PETG prints?


I posted about printing PET under the “Where do you buy your filament (Europe)” post. This PET prints with default settings with just the temperature raised. Is there any reason for me to buy PETG?