PETG Filament - Can Flux print it?

Luckily I’ll be getting my printer in a few weeks. I was looking at ordering some more filament, and I ran across a type I hadn’t heard of called PETG. It seems to have pretty good properties.

Anyone know anything about it and/or if the Flux will be able to print with it?

Here’s where I ran across it -

Hi @Milkdog ,
The current printhead has limited the highest temperature to 230 celsius degree. However the recommend printing temperature for PETG is 230 ~ 250. So you’ll probably need to print at a very slow speed.

Wiki portal for people want to know what PETG is >>

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I’d love to see PETG support as well. A temp of 230 isn’t really enough though. Is there hope of getting the current print head to 245 (where I print PETG on my other printer)?

@simon Any info on this? Would it be a firmware/software update to add a higher temp setting (e.g. run a higher duty cycle on the heater)? Seems like a 15C increase shouldn’t cause any structural or wiring issues with the printhead…

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Most of the hotends that I’ve seen with a 230C limit are because they have PEEK plastic inside of them (usually a heat-break or insulator between the hot and cold parts of the hotend) and PEEK has a glass transition temperature near 240 + or - the 10% accuracy of most thermistors… That’s my guess.

Huh. Seems like bad engineering to construct something to run at a temperature within 10% of the limit. That gap is easily passed if you have an out of tolerance thermistor, slightly off plastic etc.

In their Kickstarter update from last March, they showed a sample printed from Nylon at 245C. At what point did they decide to limit the highest temp to 230C?


Good point, djhannu!

@simon @Jim Any info you can offer on this? Would really like to be able to work with nylon and PETG…

Some material in the hotends won’t be reliable at higher temperatures. We will consider making a high temp printing module in the near future.


Does anybody knows this brand of PETG Filament? I just ordered a roll of white for testing it. Temperature for print will be maximum 220° so it should be possible to print with the flux.

Just finished my first print with white PETG filament of the brand dutch filaments. Printed at 230°, no problems


How were you able to print at 230º?
I tried it myself but even though I set the temperature both in the main setting as well as in the expert panel, it actually never went above 225º.
Also, the filament load temperature is only 220º.

Any ideas for how to “force” the Flux to truly go up to 230º?

That would be great for a high temp print head!!

But just getting to printhead to actually heat up to the originally spec’d 230º might already be enough. Still don’t quite understand why this isn’t possible. Any thoughts?

The firmware probably limits the max temperature to avoid meltdowns.

I did place a wrong order on PETG instead PLA filament. I try to load a filament but a temperature at a nozzle is only at 220C that’s not enough to melt the filament. I think @Jimustanguitar is right.

I printed a few models out of PETG without problems at a temperature of 235° but also at 220° (filament change) it melts very well. Maybe it depends on the filament brand? Mine was from Formfutura

Thanks. I will try it again later tonight.

I’ve got a 1 kg spool of Gizmo Dorks transparent PETG, and I’ve tried to optimize settings without success. I can tell that speed is a factor, even at 230 ºC, but I’d really appreciate it if someone could post the optimized settings that can be pasted directly in the Expert Settings window. There was a settings file that someone posted for another printer, but I wasn’t able to make it work. A little help?..