PET+ Filament for outdoor use

I recently came across this filament:

They claim that the extrusion temperature can be as low as 220 degrees (which would put it within the Flux standard head range). Has anyone tried using this material? Does anyone know how it would handle outdoor situations?

have not tried the PET+ filament, but doesn’t normal PLA filament work fine for you project?

I’m curious myself since i am thinking about making an awesome doorknocker.

I’ve read that PLA struggles in direct sunlight. Apparently it will warp and deform quite easily.

I can confirm that PLA will likely not stand up to outdoor temps. I printed this:

in black PLA and lft it around the gear shift knob in mu car for a couple of hours. When I came back it was all deformed out of the original shape. I had the windows up, but the high for the day was only like 80 degrees F. Lesson learned for me though.

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yeah that would be a problem if the item will be exposed to heat or direct sunlight. Shouldn’t be a problem for me since it’s always raining in denmark, almost always.

only problem i can see with the PET+ is that in the general settings it talks about needing the use of a heated bed: “Bed surface: Blue painters tape works well, with a heated bed you can also use glass with gluestick applied”

but it might work anyways, who knows?