Pause at selected point for filament switch

I would like to have a feature in the studio which will allow you to select a point in the printing sequence to pause the print so that you can perform some step before resuming.

The main thing would be to switch filament colors, but I can see wanting to stop for other reasons. Ideally, the filament switch process would allow for an off-print purge of the old melted filament before resuming printing so there is a clean transition.

This feature could also be re-used in sequencing filament splices with something like the Mosaic Palette.


I went to the forum to see if it was possible to pause and switch filament on the flux, after my daughter asked me to make this one for her:

So here is a +1 for this feature.

Jim, @proclaim, was asked a few times to provide this capability in Flux Studio but it may be low in their priority list. In short, there is not a straight forward way of doing what you want yet but read the following 2 threads for some ideas.

I really like this idea and I think this feature is quite important!!!
We’ll try to see where can we fit in this function in the next few release.

Hang in there!

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Nice to know that it is a feature on the way. :wink: