Pause at layer with s3d

Is it also possible with the flux to pause at a specific layer when i use simplify3d for calculating the g-code?


Just noticed this old thread never got answered. Did you figure it out?

Something like this:

In the process settings, go to the Scripts tab. At the bottom is a box labeled “Additional terminal commands for post processing.” In this box, add a script such as the following example:

Change 19 (twice) to whatever layer you want to pause at.

{REPLACE "\n; layer 19, Z = " "; layer 19\nG28 Y0 X0\nM25\nG92 E0\nG28 Y0 X0\n; layer 19 "}

Which should append something like this (without comments) to the gcode.

; layer 19
G28 Y0 X0 ; home the X and Y axis
M25 ; pause the print so you can change the filament
G92 E0 ; reset the extruder origin
G28 Y0 X0 ; home the X and Y axis
; layer 19

This may not be exactly right, but in the ballpark, I know I am bumping a very old thread but folks are curious how to do the pause at layers color changes and with S3D it may keep the nozzle hot too.


I did not look into that yet… but if we are unlucky it is like my cura acceleration test, meaning it might not work as some gcodes commands are not supported.

Can you please publish a list of supported and unsupported gcode commands. Thanks

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Good Point,

*Disclaimer: I have not tried that code yet myself, but I will.

The other option that is guaranteed to work is just eye-balling it and double-tapping the FLUX button to pause, change filament, and double-tap again to restart.

Since I necro’d this thread, I’ll try to test this gcode shortly.

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yes I used the double tap version :slight_smile: works ok.

I still would love to have that list or at least a command line interface where one could test the commands or both :wink:


I agree, since we do know that there are some codes that do not work, it would be nice to have a list of either what’s included or what is excluded.

I think a lot of folks could get into trouble fast if command line tool was easily accessible.