Overheating Beambox Pro

Hey all,

I got my Pro at the beginning of summer in FL. It is in my workshop. It cut fine for months with no issues other than operator errors. Last week it was giving mainboard connection errors. I updated the firmware and it responded and then it wouldn’t scan with the camera. I tried to do Maintain and it wouldn’t home. I did a factory reset, updated the firmware, and it went back to working fine. That said it is now overheating every job, several times a job. It NEVER overheated before the reset, even in summer in FL. I drained the water, added fresh water, ran the pump several times. I checked for bubbles, it’s all clear. So did the reset affect a setting/threshold that had been changed at the factory? I don’t want to mess with the setting and risk damaging the machine. I just can’t understand how the outside temp is 10 to 20 degrees cooler than it was when I first got it, but now it’s overheating.