Operating temperature?


Just got my Delta plus a couple weeks ago, and just now had the time to set it up. Wondering if it would be okay to set up in a garage. I have read it can cause breathing problems which I already have some and don’t want to make worse. I live in Texas, so I didn’t know if the garage got too hot or cold, if it would mess up the machine or the prints. Thanks for the help in advance.


If it is very warm, I would not keep it in there. I have mine in my office. PLA you will not smell anything, unless you get a clogged nozzle, then the plastic will overheat. I have had 3dprinters in my home for 2 years no issues. If the smallest smell does bother you, just get an air filter.


Yeah I was just wondering based on what people said on this topic below a few months ago. Could anyone from flux give a recommended operating temperature range?


These are my opinions, I am not chemist nor in the health field and one can never be very careful but I would be more worried about driving downtown and breathing exhaust pollution everyday than one or two 3d printers emitting some PLA fumes, which I cannot smell when printing at 210C in a home environment. I don’t use ABS, which smells bad apparently, and without a heated bed, Flux will not be the right printer for it either. As for the PTFE tube in the heating block steel-tube, it does survive the printing temperatures under 240C and does not deteriorate until 260C (produce toxic fumes) according to what I read. I would be more worried about PTFE coated frying pans than the tube in Flux. Again, my opinions only and one should do what makes one’s self feel comfortable!