Only me having problem with the 0.9.0 update? (FIXED, went back to 0.7.8)


So i have been printing using flux studio 0.7.8 for a long time and the the equivelant update for the toolhead and firmware.

i thought that i’d better update it all since it could only improve the prints… BOY WAS I WRONG…

i went from being able to print almost anything with a 97% succes, after the update im down to 20% if im lucky, and since i own a small 3d printing using my flux this is very bad!

the prints no longer sticks to the plate, it no longer makes the half moon pre print (which was awesome to make sure the print got a clean start of PLA. It messes things up out of nowhere and if im printing 2 things at the same time it will now knock them over at some point when it changes from one to the other.

the leveling seems askew so when it makes the skirt, one side is “round” and barely attached to the plate. While the other side is squished down to the point where nothing comes out. (i have tried to see if the plate was crooked/askew but everything seems fine)

anyone experienced anything similar or have a good way to fix it. as far as i can see on i can’t even go back to the update i was on that far back was i.

hope someone can help if i’m not lucky fixing it myself.


I am with you. I was having great success around the earlier versions and now starting with .9 my success rate is even less than 10%,


Short update:
I downloaded the 0.7.8 update again and luckily for me it had remembered all my previous setting, including the few i had made in expert.

i’m making a difficult print now to test whether or not i need to go back a couple of updates for the firmware and toolhead too, but so far it looks promising. will update tomorrow morning when the print will be done (or close to done since it takes 10 hours.)


Last update:
Going back to the 0.7.8 flux studio update, it fixed all the problems i had gotten after updating to 0.9.0 so i’m staying on the 0.7.8 from now on.

The update to toolhead and firmware hasn’t decreased (nor increased) the quality of the printing, but since it seems im back to my 97% succes rate i’m just going to keep the update for those.


Thanks for testing and trying :slight_smile: your name reminded me a software i used to use called Swit3D by ElectricRain.


So after downgraded to 07.8. I am back to successful printing as well. No issues whatsoever. print come out nicely.