Nozzle clogging forced a Printhead housing modification!


After 900 hours of printing I had my first serious nozzle clog which did not clear itself with the standard cold-pull, hot push etc. I had to take apart the printhead however as I found out it was not that simple because of the housing design. A plastic tab, which to me serves no purpose, prevents the heater block/cooling-fin unit from coming out as a single unit. This also makes the reassembly very awkward and unnecessarily complex.

After I cleared the clog by taking everything apart I decided to modify the housing by cutting out the plastic tab. With that mod, the assembly was very simple, also if clogging occurs again, I can take apart the nozzle/heater/cooling-fin unit as a single unit. Another advantage of this mod is the simplification of the assembly, as I can apply heat to the unit with a heat-gun and properly tighten the nozzle/heater-block connection to prevent potential leaks. Picture below shows my modification.

I also documented my process with pictures if anybody is interested, proceed at your own risk as warranty will be void! The link is:


Welcome to the print head modders club :sunglasses: … mine had several severely clogged nozzles and a serious meltdown accident caused by a temperature runaway condition - when I smelled that something was going terribly wrong it was already too late.
Time to cut surplus plastic off (radical plastictectomy):

Unfortunately, spare print heads are out of stock at the Flux shop, so I have to keep this one running. Note that I exchanged the three screws inside with M3 bolts & nuts - there is another nut inside on each bolt that keeps it in place.