Notifcation Pop up

I’d like to have a notification pop up/and or noise alert when a print it finished from the Flux Studio. Windows 10 has pop up alerts for various things. This could be one of them.

Not a terrible idea for those who’s computers are in a different room as the printer, but I’d request that we be able toggle the notification and/or sounds off as a setting.

My printer sits beside the computer so I’d have no use for this, it would just be clutter I’d have to clear off the desktop the next time I sat down…and a random noise to scare the cats with.

I use the App to get notifications when the printer pauses, stops, finishes when I’m away from it.

Or notifications through the mobile app, integration with IFTTT, the ability to send an SMS message or email, etc. There are a lot of automation possibilities that would be neat.


I have been trying to update the windows 10 version on my Acer laptop. But I had seen a popping-up message every time, that is Windows 10 keeps restarting on Acer Laptop. Please help me with a proper solution.